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Alessia, Italy, Scorpio.
I love cats, books, photography, graphic, photomanipulation, manga and anime, watching tv shows and movies.
I'm supposed to be busy studying but I've always liked blogs, so to find me around the web just click here

Yes, I've also a fangirl soul, so the people I like are:
Stana Katic
Audrey Hepburn
Nicole Kidman
Cate Blanchett
Bridget Regan
Jayma Mays
Hugh Jackman
Alan Rickman
Matthew Macfadyen

Happy Birthday to the very beautiful Rebecca Mader (April 24, 1977)

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Jennifer Lawrence at a strip club.

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Who's your favourite: Cora, Pan or Zelena?


They’re great for different things:

1. Favorite “crazy eyes”: Zelena

I’m entirely sane, why do you ask?

2. Favorite to secretly admire for competence even though it’s wrong, wrong, wrong: Cora

I may be heartless, but my henchman pension plan is quite generous

3. Favorite eyebrows that never fail: Peter Pan

I’d have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for my meddling kid

Proper villains, the lot of them! Bonus points: they’re ALL related to Henry.